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Obama in da’ House

So as of about noon on January 20th, Mr. George W. Bush’s term in office ended and his successor recieved the applause of the capital while that same capital boo’d Mr. Bush while making his way to the seating area. Rather sad, really. . .

The United States of America has officially recieved its new president. The nation’s 44 President, Barack H. Obama aka Mr. President.

Mr. President

Mr. President


My standpoint on Mr. President doesn’t lean toward any side. I’m taking a more neutral position on this entire matter of whether or not I like the new President. The inarguation was pretty cool, but the only gripe I had was the prayer, but that’s an entirely different topic. My favourite part of the entire thing was actually the little musical piece which included the great Yo Yo Ma. He was just playing the Chelo like it was child’s play. I mean, he was laughing and smiling while the violinist (for instance) was giving it his all. Yo Yo Ma did his bit like it was a walk in the park. May Obama lead our nation to a brighter future. Cheers to you, Mr. President.


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