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The Best of Muse

Something that I’ve noticed a lot so far during my Senior year is the surprising involvement of God. My english class delves into many different forms of literature where we analyze the entirity of the work. So far, in every form of literature, we examine it at a religious level. Every now and then the aspect of religion rises up in other classes as well, such as journalism and creative writing class . . . interesting. It also just so happens that in my English class, the one who more so represents the christian religion is this kid who has his own band. He also give very legitimate and percise points when analyzing the religious themes and such of certan works.

I delve into things. I like variety. That’s one reason I don’t like listening to christian music. The lyrics are MUCH to common and over-played. They become stale very quickly (I listen to it, but not my favourite) . I usually take anything into an extremely analytical perspective. The kid in our class has a rock band going where he does those death growls. It’s interesting because it adds variety. The band of Muse is an excellent band. I’ve found out about in Guitar Hero. But one thing I continuilly do is compare the lyrics of a song and put a christian spin on it. The band’s  also exceptionally great live as well.

This is one song that I compare greatly with the events to come after the Rapture. The title and lyrics just overwhelmingly describe the death of the Antichrist. How he will be killed and what it will result in. It will ‘destroy demonacracy’, but only for a short time. The instruments support the way I view the lyrics with a more harsh, critical sound to it. The song is called “Assassin

This song is just beautiful to begin with. The video is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I relate the lyrics with how much power we have with God by our side. There’s nothing I can’t face with Jesus next to me. To make a stand, not caring for what may be said for my soul’s unbreakable. I truely beautiful song that I sing to praise my God. The song is called “Invincible“.

The song is the best example of the tone that will be felt when the Rapture happens. Some people today call out to God for Him to take His people home. It will mark the end of the world. A time that will bring about utter turmoil and chaos. Those left behind will question what has happened. Those who knew the truth will weep, the ones that didn’t will wonder. The lyrics and song brings about such a solemn feeling that it sends a chill down my spin at times. The song is called “Apocalype Please

The empire the Antichrist will make will be one of delusion. He will hide his true motives. The song is my absolute favourte. I’d go more in depth in how I view the song, but I’d rather do so in a later post. My favourite song by Muse is called “City of Delusion

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