The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him


I see videos on YouTube of the best Smash players around. Mew2King, AlphaZealot, Overswarm, ChuDat . . . I really wonder if I’ll ever be that good at the game. They continuiously reach higher and higher modes of play that it’s intimidating. I’m going to go to my very first Smash tournament this Saturday and I have high hopes for it. Obviously, I won’t get anywhere near 1st . . . I may not even make it out of pools or even win my first match. My main goal is to have fun and learn from it. I wonder if I can potentially be one of the greats that makes it out on top in a regional tournament. I often times dismiss the idea, but it resurfaces almost everyday. I listen a lot to a podcast that deals with the latest Smash Bros. news and info called Show Me Your News! I’ve been listening to it for over a year and still love it. One of the hosts who goes under the internet alias of SamuraiPanda had great expectations for the game. When it came out he commented a lot on all of the technical aspects and moves of the game. Up until recently, he’s become a well-known name in the Smash Community not so much as a host, but rather a top Smash player. If there was one thing that got him from novice player to almost pro, it has to be ambition. He played against the best of the Mid-West and kept playing. He’s even beat top pro Anther once (he says he doubts it’ll happen again). With someone like SamuraiPanda coming from a new player to a great player gives me hope. What I need is that ambition.

I’ve seen many of a people dream big, but never attain that goal out of doubt. Doubt will be that one determining factor of whether or not you fail. You can have all the resources, but once doubt intrudes all is lost. Confidence is needed to continue onward. Ambition must play a key role factor in achieving any obstacle. Confidence relates to ambition because if you set your sites low, then results will be low. Set the bar up high, but still realizing your limitations. A came up with an idea that seemed ambitious, but was more foolhardy than ambition. The reason being that I didn’t continue with the idea, the ambitious idea. I let it die. I realized this when a younger, but considerably astute friend of mine simply dismissed the idea when I tried to continue it. This made me realize that I too, the one who came up with the idea, should also dismiss it. It wasn’t because I was disheartened . . . it was because I knew why he dismissed it. He knew it wasn’t going to last. That is wasn’t going to go anywhere. I bet he only humored the idea at first because he just wanted to hear me out. Though it was an ambitious idea, I let it die by not pursuing it further. I expected things to turn out fine. I pursued the idea when it was already half-dead and his response made me take subtle action. He simply shaked his head and said “no” and looked away. He’s the kind of guy who wants things done. On task and focused. He won’t tolerate nonsense. He believes that if you commit to something, you carry it out. Not say, “oh, i may have said that, but what i really meant was . . .” His response made me decide to kill the idea and bury it. There was no need to talk about it anymore because there was no point in it. It was an ambitious idea, yes. Should I no longer develop ambitious ideas for my set cause, no. I only killed it because I knew I couldn’t carry it out any longer, especially when one of the top tier characters had no interest in it. So that idea is done with. One of the characters I proposed the ambitious idea to later began to ask when it’ll be carried out. I casually ignored him and that was that.

Ambition has so many different possibilities. It can create pure win or it can create utter fail. It all depends on how quick you react on it. If you dismiss a potential chance that will get you what you want to accomplish, then ambition is needed. You can take the chance, but if you’re discouraged to soon things won’t happen. Confidence is needed. Ambition can get you to places you’ve only dreamed of . . . that’s why it’s O’ so more satisfying when you do achieve your set goal. Even if you utterly fail, you still hold concrete belief that you had the gall to attempt it, the bravado to even try, the ambition to truly believe you have what it takes to reach that goal.

No, that is NOT Wall-E. He’s known as a ROB (robotic operating buddy)


*note* Many thanks to AlphaZealot and Overswarm for commenting on my blog and the advice you’ve given me. It means a lot when a pro gives advice to a smash n00b like me. Your advice has truely helped me become a better Brawl player. Many thanks to both of you.


2 Responses to “Continue?”

  1. If you work at it you can achieve whatever you want.

    And per Brawl, try out online play, people dog on it all the time but it is what made me the player I am and I know many others who will tell you similarly.

  2. What one man can do, another can do.

    I got good by practicing and playing for many years. I could have done it in a much shorter time span had I been fully dedicated to it and not wasted time, but I am okay with how I made progress.

    The important thing is to keep trying and never lose sight of your goal. Everything has to have a purpose. If you’re just “playing friendlies”, you’re wasting your time. Every match is you working on a matchup, a new technique, a new strategy. Every stock you’re trying to not get hit at all. Every new player you face is just a computer, a simple boss from megaman that throws out the same patterns in the same situations and it is up to you to discover this pattern.

    You have to have a goal for every little thing you do, or you are simply wasting time. You can do this; anyone can if they want it bad enough. If I can do it, so can you. Do whatever it takes. Play online, invite friends over, go to smashfests, go to tournaments, play computers even… just do whatever you can.

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