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The Optimal Path

Sup’ haven’t been on the blog for a while now. I’ve been spending a lot more time on this gaming forum instead. Get this, they have a user blog section where you can talk about most anything. It has a rather large following so it’s good to know that the forum community doesn’t strive purely for just gaming. They’re real chill on the forum. Great place. But get this, if I write a blog entry in the blog section, it’s actually guaranteed that I’ll get feedback. That’s right, they will actually comment on what I have to say. So that means I won’t be on here as much other than just writing more christian based stuff. So . . . yeah.

I had to write this short story for writing class. It was a pain in the arse, but whatever. I ended up enjoying it. The intro is something I’m especially proud of. It only took me half an hour to write. If anyone can guess what I am referring to then you will be dubbed “Mr.Awesome”

” . . . The optimal path that should be taken, in my opinion, is the one that is the most simplistic. This allows for higher caliber results because of the relative ease of the section. It is rhythmical giving more reason as to why this path should be taken. Only a daft would cross the foolish episode of creating error.” Explained Rob.

Kent cleared his throat and gave his rebuttal. “Though your proposition may have concrete evidence, as you stated earlier, you fail to realize how arbitrary of a notion this is when applied to all circumstances. There are varies sections that have repetitive, rhythmic circulation. That, my dear colleague, is obvious, but what is also obvious is the infrequency of said circulation being ever present. Higher tiers reveal but a few circulations that can accommodate your idea. What then? Do you propose that we utilize the outburst during the less strenuous sections that reveal some semblance of a rhythmic path?

“Yes . . . yes I do.” Said Rob in a matter where it’s obvious he has a smirk planted on his face.

Kent said aloud, “How can you propose such ridiculous notions when these rhythmic sections are not only terse, but fail to produce prudent contributions in comparison to the set optimal path that, without contest, towers over your proposition.”

                  I let out a sigh, or at least make it sound like I’m sighing. I mutter to myself, “And so you propose that the outburst be used during the intense sections . . .”

Rob let out a sarcastic grunt and said,” And so you propose that the outburst be used during the intense sections where the possibility of error is at a higher ratio?”

I can’t believe I’ve memorized this entire audio recording, but then again, this is my 8th time listening to it.

Kent replied, “If a particular individual has reached the ranks of the higher caliber group, then utilizing the outburst during these ‘intense sections’ would offer massive outcome. But I’ll humor your question, Rob Hurste.”

So why do these guys have to use such proper language? What’s the point of it? Speaking normally wouldn’t kill em’.

Kent continued,” If a professional in this field were to cross error, then the abundance of progressing factors would compensate for his fault. The only action he would then need to initiate is continuing as if no mistake had ever occured. This will, in turn, raise his combination at a much quicker pace than the slower, rhythmic sections would allow.”

Truth be told. Reacting during the intense sections is better beyound a doubt. Rob’s proposition holds no value. Blah blah blah.

Rob interjects, “Regardless, I will still hold strong to my opinion. The last point I want to make is that there’s no reason for the audience to follow what I say, but please don’t disregard it. Taking the safer route can prevent mistakes that will later be regretted. There is no need to every time attack the difficult sections. In fact, there-”   ~rest of story continues. . .

A sudden sensation takes over the left side of my body. A soft, but rough, texture is present accompanied by a strong warmness. Belle nestles next to my shoulder and rests her tail on my lap, something most society dragons would never do. I peer to my left while she let’s out a sigh of relief. Her slim, yet lean body is somehow more sensual in this stark lighting. Perhaps the contrast from outside and inside is complementing her figure. But it’s not like the peculiar lighting was needed to showcase her beauty. What’s up with her always those tattered clothes? She’s gorgeous, but those clothes tend to ward others away. Not that I’m complaining. I still wonder how she’s still with me despite . . .

“You think too much.” She said in a tender voice   ~That’s all of the story I’m gonna share. No more.

So . . . Any Guesses?

(only 2 people are even going to guess, but whatever.)


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