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I’m guessing this went on the undesride of the Ark?

I was talking to a friend the other day concerning Noah’s Ark. They fit animals like tigers and lions onto the boat where they could have easy access to sheep and cows to eat. I wondered how they didn’t eat each other, but we agreed that God did a divine action that made them not each the other.

So I wonder about the ignored stuff like, parasites and worms.
Parasites can only survive off of a host. So would tape worms have existed inside of the animals of the ark? More so, why would God have created them if their only purpose is to suck the life out of their host for their own gain. They have no natual predators so are not eaten because if they are eaten then they live inside of the thing that ate them.
Then there are worms like this:

This is a colony of Tubifex worms in a sewer in North Carolina. They huddle into a weird cluster and eat the waste that goest down there. These aren’t giving the environment anything, like a fly or mesquito would. Nothing eats them. So what purpose does it have?


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