The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him


Sigmund Freud defined 3 basic parts of a person’s mind: the id (instinct, sin, little devil), the super-ego (conscience, little angel), and ego (knowledge, wisdom, inner self). Only wrote that so you understand the title. Ego is one’s inner self, not a Mr. Know-it-all.

The Open Door, coming to Christ

(the bottom is the basic “about me” stuff)

I’ve had a rough childhood. I missed out on making friends in elementary, since I didn’t learn English till I was in 3rd grade. Middle school wasn’t any better. Made friends (I’d call em’ aquintences rather than friends), who spoke Spanish, but that didn’t make me feel too much better about myself. Junior High was different. I was getting into things I really shouldn’t have. I knew there was a God, but I felt he was just there. I was stupid enough to think He just wanted my happiness. I signed up for a little Bible study during study hall so I could have something to do. It was every Friday for about 30 min. I didn’t go for the first month so I doubted whether or not I should go (VERY Insecure about myself back then). When I finally mustered up enough courage to go I soon found out I was the only one going to this Bible study. Out of a whole school of probably 1,500 students, I was the only one going to this. Thank God I put it in my mind to keep going. To make things short. Kept going, met Jeremy Blount there, in March he invited me to Chilsport at ODSM. I vividly remember this. My mom drove me as far as into the mountains looking for this place. Once again, Thank God my mother had the patience. We finally found it the place. I then again went next month to another Chilsport, was told about Weds. nights, started going every week. I admit, I was going for all the wrong reasons, but ultimately got me going. The year 2007 was a year. On Jan. 03, 2007, I finally realized Jesus cared for me. I “supposively” gave my life to Christ about a month earlier, but I knew I didn’t mean it, much less completely understand it. The months carried on, learning what God wanted from us, what He did for us. But never gave my life to Him. I heard the prayer of being saved more times than I could count. I admitted I was a sinner, I knew He died for us. I just didn’t feel that need in me to accept I needed His forgiveness. I didn’t see any of that as anything special. Just an event through history that happened. A Story. June was the worst month I can recall having. But what saved me from my own pool of sins were the missions trips I had the privilege of attending. New York Go: where I finally cast away my insecurities and quite nature. I completely opened up that week. One of the biggest changes in my life. I slipped here and there throughout July. The day people were going to El Faro, I really wanted to go. Not for God, but because of who was going. My friends. Thankfully, I disobeyed my parents which was bad to do, but good in the long run. Had I not lingered around, then I wouldn’t have seen the next step in my faith. Jeremy had me give advice and pray for everyone going on this trip. Again, Thank God for what Jeremy offered me that day. I got the chance to go to El Faro. I went, had fun, praised God. The trip did three essential things for me. Got me into the The Holy Bible, set me on the right path, and got me closer to God. This is how I got saved. I would say I got saved sometime during New York Go and El Faro showed me how to turn my life around for Him. So I’m still pretty new in my Faith.

My name is Roberto Lopez (not related to J’lo for all you half-wits out there). Currently in High School. Age 16. Social in certain atmospheres, easily able to revert back to a timid nature. 100%Guatemalan, All-American.

Interests: PASSIONATE about the book of Revelations and the End Times. Rock music has had heavy influence on me; anything with a guitar and good riffs is awesome. Seems I’m addicted to Mountain Dew. Guitar Hero and Rock Band are the best games out there. Learning how to play guitar bass. Historian, anything from 1500’s to early 1990’s will spark my interest. Writing what I believe in and finally not caring who cares.

Beliefs: Everything God does is a blessing, may not seem like it at first but it is. Every little thing has an impact on your life. Everything happens for a reason. The Media has become the undoing of Western Society; greed, Materialism, Idoletry…..Hollywood is Lucifer’s sphere of influence upon the world.Communism in its truest sense is the best form of government, Go Commis! There is no way we’ll ever make it to space-age technology; hovercrafts and androids; c’mon the Rapture is gonna happen before that. Karma; And Justice for All… There should be due respect for great military figures, Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Stalin; USSR, Mussolini, Nazi Army (for their dedication, not what they stood for; Hitler was sick and a racsist bastard).

Sorry if I rambled on for most of this, but I wanted people to get what I want to convey. Being honest and real, not what everyone wants you to be. This is one of the few ways I can actually freely express myself, unfortantely still with a limit; having others fully comprehend what point I’m trying to get across.


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  1. HEY!! yeah i agree guitar hero is AWESOME! loL! have a good day!


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