The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him


I’ve always loved to play video games, especially Nintendo. In fact, I own all of Nintendo’s major consoles. From the old school NES to the GameCube (I have my sights on the Wii…). The problem is that when you get older, you get more competitive. I’ve developed into a more hardcore gamer and the problem is that Nintendo doesn’t care much for that hardcore gamer audience. So I have to search elsewhere for that need to be met. I plan on getting me a Xbox 360 by summer so I’ll be set. It really sucks when the people who brought you such awesome games almost totally shun you. Alas, Nintendo, what has happened to you?

Hacking games isn’t too new. You take the game and modify it to do crazy stuff. As of recently, these hackers are doing this on online play. A great bother if your looking for a match of skill, not cheating. The other day I was playing me some Mario Kart DS on WiFi and got a match against someone whose ranking said he’s won 100000 races and lost none and some other n00b. We race on an easy course and things go smoothly. I’m winning, but I keep getting hit from behind with red shells. After an entire lap of constantly being hit from shells I know something’s up cuz you can’t get that many shells in just one lap. I decide slow down and tail the guy with 100000 wins. I find the guy is spamming red shells out of no where and the n00b is getting killed out there. He used hacks to get unlimited homing shells. So I simply obtain a red shell and tail the guy until he reaches the finish line on the 3rd lap. I wait until he’s close enough and hit with the shell and pull out 1st. I was so proud that I beat a hacker! We raced again on the same course, but he was using way to many red shells that he crashed the server…what a sore loser. Yeah, whatever.


So as of about noon on January 20th, Mr. George W. Bush’s term in office ended and his successor recieved the applause of the capital while that same capital boo’d Mr. Bush while making his way to the seating area. Rather sad, really. . .

The United States of America has officially recieved its new president. The nation’s 44 President, Barack H. Obama aka Mr. President.

Mr. President

Mr. President


My standpoint on Mr. President doesn’t lean toward any side. I’m taking a more neutral position on this entire matter of whether or not I like the new President. The inarguation was pretty cool, but the only gripe I had was the prayer, but that’s an entirely different topic. My favourite part of the entire thing was actually the little musical piece which included the great Yo Yo Ma. He was just playing the Chelo like it was child’s play. I mean, he was laughing and smiling while the violinist (for instance) was giving it his all. Yo Yo Ma did his bit like it was a walk in the park. May Obama lead our nation to a brighter future. Cheers to you, Mr. President.


I remember finding out about this band early in May. I must admit, I simply adore the vocalist! Hayley Williams is simply one of the best female vocalists I’ve ever heard! Their music is just so uplifting and bright that I can’t bare to believe that this band might possibly break up (not sure if it’s official yet, but please excuse me if I’m wrong.). The only problem I have about Paramore doesn’t even involve the band itself. It’s the fan base of where I live. The younger teens I know simply act too enthusiastically over them. I’ve seen it in other places, not only where I live. So the problem is that they are too over-rated. The band doesn’t make it so, the fans do. That really bothers me.

I really hyped myself up for this song. Probably the most I’ve ever done so far regarding a rock song. I waited about two months for the song and would listen to audio clips around the interwebs. It has a great serious approach, but once again, the hype it recieved was too much for me to handle. The songs a great song, but listening to it to often makes it old very quick. It’s featured off the Twilight Soundrack. The song’s called Decode.

This songs much more, for lack of a better term, brighter. I must admit, it does have a more typical predicted feel to it, but the voice just brings it over the top. The song is called Brighter.

This song is one of those simple songs that really get you into a youthful mood. It’s so invigorating that it forsakes all the problems of life you may be facing and makes things bright in perspective. The lyrics compliment an already teh awesome song that I just love. My favourite Paramore song, as sung by Hayley Williams, is called That’s What You Get.


As I kid, the one thing I remember more than anything were the car rides. My parents would be taking the ol’ Toyota Celica out for a spin all over my home town. Especially from the mid-afternoon right into the night. The setting sun on the horizon mixed in with “Don’t Speak”, by No Doubt on the car radio makes me yearn for those days!

While growing up, I would always be hearing 90’s music mixed in with some awesome 80’s during the weekend. My musical influence was wide even as a kid. My parents would play 60’s and 70’s spanish romantic music and varies other spanish genres. But back to the point. In the past years, I’ve usually joked with those older than me about how retro the 80’s is. “Hey, they’re playing the music you listened to when you were, what, semi-younger?” In other words, I would just tease and imply the fact that the person is not only old, but that their taste is becoming out dated. As far as 3 years ago, I began to notice the local radio stations played less and less 80’s music. I thought little of it at first, but a recent event has proven troubling. So the New Year of 2009 is ushering in so many new events. With all the talk of the new things happening I’ve taken into consideration that we’re about to enter a new decade. 2010 is only a year away. . . I was listening to a local radio station this one weekend and heard something surprising. After an 80’s song played, they played four 90’s songs . . . the 90’s will soon become the new 80’s.

The 80’s calling card is Bon Jovi, big poofy hair, weird synthized songs (they’re quite an awesome sound, if I might add.), and action packed movies. The 90’s has Saved by the Bell, The Fresh Prince, Grunge, pop-rock songs, flannel, and rebellion. The new era has INTERNET (Myspace, Facebook, Youtube.), txt, emo-punk rock (including clothes…the young ones are wearing em’.)American Idol, and Hannah Montana (or Miley Cyrus or whatever they wanna call her nowadays.). We’re in a new era that has its own significant differences, and I know I haven’t begun to name them all. This era has been teh awesome. I’m part of it, but also feel a strong connection to the 90’s. It simply shows me that once I’m 30 years old, I’m gonna be looking back at it and think I remember when internet meme’s were simply ‘epic’, having an iPhone was the best and Guitar Hero was fun. I know someday I’ll be walking down the street and internet will be free world-wide, the new hot phone will respond simply by speech and the latest Guitar Hero 38: Even More Awesome Songs to Rock Out To! will feature you playing an actual electric guitar. *Sigh* I really feel like I’m starting to get too old…


So apparently a Russian prof. is predicting the collapse of the United States by the end of 2009. That gives us a year before the US breaks up into different territories that are going to be divided for control by other nations. In my opinion, this is highly unlikely. The United States breaking up into such territories is laughable as well as absurd. Such a theory just makes me shake my head and say “No. It’ll never happen.” But maybe that’s due to my view that America will not spiral downward anytime soon. I mean, we got a new President coming into office which makes such claims have little meaning to me. Bush had a different plan for America when he was in office, so does Obama. Unless Obama completely screws us over, then none of this will happen anytime soon . . . at least not till’ 2012,  but I digress. . .


A lot of people rant about how their year of 2008 went. The highs and lows are explained in heavy detail and you can often times feel the shift in emotion when a certain event is confronted. Video vlogs on YouTube are ever present where people tell of their life in the past year. The comments varies vlogs produce usually consist of things like “wtf i d0n’t give a sh*t about ur lif3.!!! Make aNoth3r  funny video!!11!!1!” When it comes to blogs, I honestly don’t see why I should talk about my own personal life unless it leads to a certain topic. Posts on vlogs/blogs that consist of a person’s experience of the old year has no significant value unless they have a reputation. In other words, if your audience doesn’t care for you as a person, then don’t rant about your life. 85% of people could care less.

I will not go in depth of about 2008. The year started in the green, normal and good. The 2nd quarter got into the yellow, iffy and trite, but rose to blue in May. Summer fell into the red, crap and headaches. August plunged into the blinking red, frustration and dispair. Fall rose to yellow. December jumped to blue, and that’s only because of an old pleasure that made a glorious come-back. I’ve never been one to anticipate the future. I take it as it comes. I’ve always loved a good challenge. So 2009, “Show Me Your Moves!”. Because “You’ll Get No Sympathy From Me!”.

And now, something completely diffferent. The Falcon PUNCH!!!!

I bought some Pocky the other day. It’s magically DELICIOUS!


Before coming to Christ, I admired history like nothing else. I still do, but its role in my life has lessened. The civil rights movement, WW2, the battle of Waterloo, Lincoln’s assissination, the Bill of Rights, the Mayan Civilization, the communism, the Panama Canal, the Vietnam War, the guillotine and so many more aspects of history fascinates me beyond belief. Buildings and monuments erected in honor of great heros nationalism almost brings a tear to my eye. The few chances I have to visit such shrines are ones I cherish. I can’t bear it when tourists make a mockery of statues. It disgusts me. My first passion will always be History. Christ is my biggest love, but I loved history first. It’s where you can see where each nation has drawn their roots from. It’s where you understand why your own nation is where it is today.

WW2 is a war revolving around genocide. The Holocaust. Adolf Hitler’s sole purpose was to assemble the Aryian race. To accomplish such goals, he set out to eliminate the ‘inferior’ races from the world; consisting mostly of Jews, but also including homosexuals, Gypsies, blacks and among others. In order for Hitler to do this, he had go out beyond Germany’s boundries and take the land necessary to do this. He first aimed at smaller lands and easily gained their territory. Great Britain took the role of peace maker and demanded that Hitler stop at once. Hitler protested and basically said ‘if you give me more land, I’ll stop”. The man in charge in Britain said ‘okay, as long as you stop’. Hitler kept doing this until reachin Belgium. That’s the straw that broke the camel’s back (still don’t understand that phrase completely). War broke out with Britain getting a new leader known as Winston Churchill. WW2 broke out. The USA didn’t even get involved until they were attacked by Japan. They should have acted earlier, in my opinion.

In a nutshell, here’s how WW2 started.


 written over 2 weeks ago for school newspaper.

            The holiday of Christmas has often been closely identified with Santa Claus, bright lights, snow and gifts. But the real reason for celebrating Christmas has always been to pay eulogy to the birth of Jesus Christ. Many people know the story of the virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus Christ in a manger. Where three kings set off to Bethlehem to bring gifts to their future king, Jesus Christ. All of these things are true according to the Christian Bible, but the time of when this holiday takes place is actually incorrect. It is actually not possible for Jesus Christ to have been born on December 25. The book of Luke in the Bible depicts the life of Jesus, from his birth to his death and resurrection. In Luke 2:8 of the Bible, it says ‘and there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.’ It is basically stating that shepherds were tending to their flocks in the fields at the time Jesus was born. Meteorologists have reviewed the temperatures of Hebron, an area nearby Bethlehem, and shown the temperature readings. The average temperature during December is about 37 degrees Fahrenheit, January reads to about 34 degrees Fahrenheit and February reads to about 33 degrees Fahrenheit. They have also determined that December receives about 6 inches of rain while January receives 8 inches of rain, the most rainfall in the year. There has also been no significant climate change in that area for the last 2,000 years. This proves that  Jesus could not have been born in December because the earlier passage of Luke 2:8, in the Bible, says shepherds where tending to their flocks. It is during the winter months when animals are usually kept inside. Now, as to when Jesus actually was born would be a new question. The precise date of when Jesus was born is uncertain, but the time of year can be found out. In the verses of Luke 1:24-31, it talks of Elizabeth, the wife of Zaharias, becoming pregnant as well as the virgin Mary being chosen to give birth Jesus Christ. What is so important about these verses in confirming when Jesus was born is the number of months given. Elizabeth became pregnant in about mid-June due to her husband being away the day before Pentacost and spending another week in Jerusalem. The verses say that 6 months into Elizabeth’s pregnancy, the virgin Mary became pregnant. That would be in December. Giving that the normal time line for a pregnancy is 9 months, that would mean Jesus would have been born sometime around September. So from what the Bible says and from what we know today, Jesus was not born on December 25.

ZOMG!111!11!1! I think I just failed! They didn’t use the same calender back when! Now it’s in the school newspaper! ZOMG!1! The only defense I gots is relating it to the Pentacost and comparison between the differentiating calenders of today and back when. Like for instance, our March was their ‘so and so’. But still, I think I just made a Fail! Oh noes!


6) Marry me girl be my fairy to the world

Be my very own constellation



 “Love built on beauty, soon as beauty, dies.” – John Donne.

“True love never dies for it is lust that fades away. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away.” – Alicia Barnhart.

Two examples of the difference between love and lust. Why is it that some of us have just got to have that perfect boyfriend or girlfriend by our sides? More so, what exactly makes them “perfect”? Is it that they truly are what you have been waiting for, or what your friends envisioned for you? Once again, being persuaded by what others say, and not by your own decisions. But even that arises the question: Are your own decisions really “your own” or of what the media has shoved into that mentality of yours? Californication dictates that you need that “special person” by your side to fit in, and that they will truly make you happy. You never see a hit TV show where the high-school sports all-star is single, and much less content with it. Reality TV shows aimed at the youth actually encourage dating the next guy in line, or more so known as “the rebound”, just to create envy. In wishes that they will get what they want, and just drop the “tool” on the spot when he is no longer needed. Or they simply want to numb the pain of break-up by driving out the old nail with a new nail rather than with the hammer. This can result in reckless actions which can be their downfall in the future. Especially if the guy only gains and in his mind and doesn’t lose a thing. It’s well-known fact that most guys only brag about their girl’s physical appearance. But if you’re only in the relationship for that, then it sure won’t last. ‘Lust just pushes away’. Be it with your girl or looking at other girls WHILE being with your girlfriend. This is a fornication for who will be your spouse in the future. We as youth are blinded by what ‘true love’ really is. Thinking that by saying “I love you” after only dating for a month is all it takes for ‘true love’ to form. We believe that dating that “one person” will make a mark for us in the social bar. ‘Be my very own constellation’. Constellations in the sky are only known by few in the general public when we gaze upward. Anyone can create their own supposive constellation, but there is a certain criteria for it. True Love really does have a definition (not necessarily what the media says), but most of us ignore it to accommodate our definition of love. Taking the things that make us look like a saint, but overlooking the ways that make us the sinners who we all are.

“Is this love, that I’m feeling. Is this the love, that I’ve been searching for. Is this the love, or am I dreaming . . .” – Is This Love, Whitesnake. Most young people are dreaming when it comes to love. A few I personally know. Love is not a word that should be taken lightly. It’s meaning is too precious to simply toss around.


One of God’s Commandments is “love thy neighbor as thyself”. So basically treat others as how you would want to be treated. Love others and decipate the hate. Interesting, when christians say this and yet oppose homosexuality. There is a good amount of christians who believe being gay is a sin. The Bible verse, Leviticus 20:13 says, “A man who sleeps with another man is an abomination and should be executed”. Now then, the book of Leviticus is pretty much a holiness code which isn’t put into play in today’s modern age. I mean, everything in Leviticus is no longer applied today. You don’t see guys getting burned at the stake for sleeping with both his wife and her mother. The book puts prohibitations on working on the Sabath and wearing mixed garments for example. So it’s a bunch of rules that no longer seem to hold much power over today. But people still use this book to condenm getting tatoos and, yes, condenm homosexuality. If you look at the verse of Leviticus 20:13, it says sleeping with another man was an abomination. An abomination is something vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition or habit. Back then, an abomination wasn’t a law. It was something non-Jews did that they considered displeasing to God. So pertaining to homosexuality, it doesn’t have too much to do with it. Here’s why; the verse of Genesis 38:9-10 condemn masturbation. It is considered an abomination worth of death for the reason of what was believed as fact back then. The Hebrew pre-scientific understanding was that the male semen carried the life of a baby. It was seen as the male containing the entire baby in the semen and the woman was seen as only the vessel meant for carrying it. They didn’t know all about ovulation and eggs. This passage condenms masturbation, to the extent of death, because it was seen as murder. A man would ejaculate his sperm without a woman’s vagina to serve as vessel. From the fact that masturbation is ejaculating without a woman’s vagina being present carries out to the point that the man wasted a life; in essence, killed a potential life. Drawing from this conclusion, it is seen that the verse back in Leviticus is considered an abomination for the reason that the man’s semen, the life of the baby, was going to no use. It isn’t so much the fact of having sex with another guy being bad, but wasting the potential life as being bad. Exactly what goes into making a baby was not known back then other than from visual knowledge. From that, people back then thought the man’s semen was the essence of life and the woman’s vagina serving as a vessel or incubater for the baby to develop. The passage does not condemn homosexuality as wrong for the sole fact of being gay, but for the misconception that male semen were babies. That the semen or ‘babies’ were being killed by not being deposited into a woman’s vagina to develop. It was considered murder back then. That is not the case today.

Another passage in scripture that is used to condemn gays is in 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10. The two passages lean toward condemning homosexuality. In these passages, Paul is growing frustrated with the christians in Ephesus and Corinth, which are fighting amonst themselves. Paul stresses that fact that treating each other wrongly is breaking God’s heart. When asked how they should treat each other, Paul says they should treat one another as how the Jewish laws say on the tablets of stone. Paul ends up restating some of what is written in these documents; don’t kill one another, don’t cheat on your spouse, don’t steal. He goes on with what shouldn’t be done; idoltery, whoremongering, prejury. In the original Greek, the words malokois and arsenokoitai. The word malokois most closely translates to ‘effeminate call boys’ or also translated to ‘male prostitutes’. The word arsenokoitai has yet to be translated from the fact that Greek scholars don’t know what it means. Scholars have related this word with ‘effeminate call boys’ as another name for them. But in the year of 1958, a Greek translater took it upon himself to rename both these words as ‘homosexuals’ even though there is no such word in the Greek or Hebrew language. This word proceeded to replace both these words in English-language Bibles. As a result of this, people have been using the two verses of 1 Cor. 6:9 and 1 Tim. 1:10 as evidence that homosexuality is sin. It is being said because a man translating the original Greek words into English decided to take the unknown meaning of arsenokoitai ; replacing it with the word ‘homosexual’. Taking the word arsenokoitai into its original context, it can be said that Paul was not referring to being gay. As evidence from history, Paul could very well be condemning married men who took sexual pleasure with hairless young boys (malokios), as they would do with young, smooth-skined girls. He could very well be condemning the act of having sex with a child. It doesn’t seem to refer to being homosexual. But due to the fact that the word arsenokoitai still doesn’t have a proper translation still causes debate.

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, a german social scientist, was the first officialy declare homosexuals as being a distinct class of individuals. That they were not freaks of nature, but human beings simply with a different sexual orientation. Many neurologist have supported that being homosexual is a biological factor. They have performed brain scans of both homosexual and heterosexual subjects revealing key structures of a homosexual’s  brain that control emotion, mood and aggressiveness are similar to a straight person of the opposite sex. To put it bluntly, the parts of a gay’s brain, like emotion and mood, look very similar to that of a woman’s. That is something you can’t learn. You can’t learn something and automatically change your biological features. The ruling that you can only be gay by learning it is iffy, if not, a fallacy. It is more likely that it is something that you are born with. If it is something that is learned then, like any learned behavior, can be unlearned through conditioning. If you take a dog and teach it to sit by command, then it is possible to make him unlearn that trick. By punishing the dog whenever you give him the command of sitting down, then the dog will most likely not perform the command out of fear of being punished. If being gay was something learned, then it could be unlearned through punishment. Many believe that by rejection, a gay person will learn the error of his ways and return to being straight. That is a fallacy. If a gay person were to go back to being straight, then either: A. He wasn’t gay to begin with, just confused as to what being gay was exactly. or B. In order to avoid further anguish from society, he will put on a facade of being straight just to gain acceptance. That, in my opinion, is falling into temptation. By succumbing to what the world demands of you is falling into sin. You are willing to give up who you are in order to recieve recognition. Being gay or lesbian does not mean that you are hated by God. No, He loves every person and desires to have a personal relationship with each and everyone of us, if we allow Him to. My belief is that Christ died for all of us so that our sins will be forgiven, and by accepting Him into our hearts we will  recieve salvation.

Is being gay or lesbian a sin? Verily, verily I proclaim that no; being gay or lesbian is not a sin. This is something that even I learned when I was researching and writing this post. To be perfectly honest, I thought that being gay or lesbian was a sin. I simply thought that the act of having sex with the same sex was a sin. I would go with the arguement that having sex with the same sex wasn’t always constantly running through a gay person’s mind. I would say it was a train of thought and the only sin was when sex was initiated. Apperantly, I have proven myself wrong with the evidence accumulated thus far. From what people have learned and experienced, people will treat a gay differently. What gripes me is when christians condemn gays. They say all this blasphemy of “God hates fags!”. No, he does not. What I want to stress even more is the belief that being gay automatically sends you to hell. Total garbage. Since when does being who you are condemn you to hell? If that is the case, then why would God make you gay just so you can go to hell? There is no logic behind this. The misconception of a gay having to go straight to recieve salvation is also complete rubbish. Like I’ve stated before, you can’t change who you are. You can be gay or lesbian and still be a christian. That is a belief I stand by.

If I was old enough to vote, I’d say YES for same sex marriage. Voting NO is limiting a person of their right of happiness. Marriage isn’t something I know a lot about in the Bible. But when marriage started to involve the state, I don’t see how religion has as much reason or hold, but that’s just me.  I believe and agree with every single thing Keith Olbermann had to say. I rarely agree with one person’s side when it comes to big issues like this.

Information courtesy of Rev. Mel White, co-founder of Soulforce and the Holy Bible.