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The End

April 20, 2008

Like I have said many a times before, this blog, The Unsung Hero, was purposed for me to express myself with no limitations. Including things such as: my favourite music, my beliefs, beliefs before becoming a believer of Chirst, criticism, giving props to those who deserve it, and other such things. I never meant to […]

Jewels Over Coal

April 4, 2008

I have always seen the concept of having more things is better than having few. Take into example food. I see that having a bunch of fries is far better than a single burger. I would rather play on  a soccer team where there are many moderate players than on  a team with but one or two great players. […]

What Billions Have Failed to Do.

January 26, 2008

During the protest of the corruption of the Chinese Communist Party in 89′ (mostly led by labor activists, intellectuals, and students), the Chinese military was ordered to crackdown on the prostest. Resulting in many civilians dead or injured. As a row of Chinese Type 59 tanks where en route to do accomplish their orders, they were […]