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Utter Stupidity = Fail

February 9, 2009

I am not a straight A math student, but I know logic. $0.002 = 2/10 of a cent (or a penny, for clarification.) 0.002 of a cents = 2/1000 of a cent This is not opinion, it’s simple logic and fact. In math, the rates and units are CRUCIAL when solving anything. Do you wanna […]

False Birthday

December 24, 2008

 written over 2 weeks ago for school newspaper.             The holiday of Christmas has often been closely identified with Santa Claus, bright lights, snow and gifts. But the real reason for celebrating Christmas has always been to pay eulogy to the birth of Jesus Christ. Many people know the story of the virgin Mary giving […]


September 28, 2008

My efforts to start and maintain a seperate blog about the End Times was a Fail. Not an Epic Fail, just a fail. I was dumb enough to think ” i barely manage to write on my main blog twice a week. why not start a new blog making it even MORE impossible to do […]