The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

No Hard Feelings, But Fend For Yourself

I’ve started this blog about a month ago, and ever since I was concerned if whether or not I should be myself. I’m a christian so I am expected to keep some supposive ‘limits’. Basic stuff, no cursing, no insulting, keep the truth. I agree with these three examples, but the point of me getting this blog was to finally express myself without having to fake it. Just recently my youth pastor’s blog ‘rated’ my blog as for mature audiences only. It seems, due to this, that I can’t really depend on his and other related blogs for much endorsement. I don’t hold anything against this, but I never really considered any of my stuff necessarily explicit. Sure a little more out there than what others are willing to go, but that’s just me. Due to lost endorsement links, I must find new ways to attract more viewers, while keeping the current viewers in tow. So now that a lack of a new audience is sure to follow, I hope that those who take an interest in reading my thoughts continue to do so, cuz’ I sure ain’t gonna stop just cuz’ the “man” is tryin’ to bring me down!


One Response to “No Hard Feelings, But Fend For Yourself”

  1. Oh Roberto. I love what you are doing here with your blog. Sharing your thougths and feelings. I love how you are applying your beliefs to things you see and hear everyday. You have not lost my endoresement you just lost my link. I have kids and parents from all ages and backgrounds coming to my site. Some of the videos and things that I want to put on my own site I cant because of that fact. It doesnt change who I am or what I believe. And I dont think I am being fake. You ask me, I tell, but I, just like most of the teens in my ministry dont reveal everything without being asked. So good luck on the blog. Maybe thats another reason we came up with the name “theunsunghero” Go be a hero with out my link.

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