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Happy Birthday Lucifer!

A good amount of people believe that Halloween is Satan’s birthday. They think that it was all started by some satanic cult or whatever, but I don’t agree with that. It was in fact started by the ol’ Celtics with a festival that they called, “Samhain”. It was held at the 1st of November, considered the Celtic New Year, blah blah blah. What is most important here is that it does involve ‘evil spirits’, but not at all Satan. True, they wore masks and made bonfires, but that was to ward off the evil spirits, not praise Lucifer. So it’s just a regular ol’ pagan holiday, just like Christmas (i’ll address that when the time comes). The only thing that bothers me is when certain christian groups immediatly proclaim it as “The Devil’s Holiday”. C’mon it’s just a blasted holiday where people have fun! Lots of countries engage in the festivities, like Japan and Australia! Just cuz it started out as a day to ward of spirits doesn’t mean it’s evil. Parents who won’t let their kids dress up in costumes are taking away an enriching experience! I have so many memories of Halloween that it’s uncanny! Telling your kids that Halloween is the Devil’s birthday is quite deplorable. Why would you do that? But I digress, to everyone his own opinion, hmm?

So now that it is established that it is just a regular old holiday, let us engage in the festivities as well. Here are a couple of Halloween-ish songs that I believe reflect the hoiday justly.

A cover by good ol’ Marilyn Manson of the classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The covers just so much more satisfying with the overall feel of it.

Iron Maiden, “Hallowed Be Thy Name”. I believe the song fits perfectly into the holiday; I always see the phrase of Hallowed Be Thy Name being said to God, not Lucifer in this song. That wouldn’t make sense.

This obviously must be here. Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller”. Enjoy.

C’mon. How could I not include this? Here’s my favourite Halloween song. HIM “Your Sweet 666”


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