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Virtual Enviroment

Teenagers are very prevalent to varies addictions. I am not going to touch on the subject of serious addictions like alcohol and drugs, but regular, less harmful ones. Namely, the internet. Teenagers are rebellious and prefer independence from parents (i should know, i’m just like this). In effort to escape the clenching talons of a parent’s dictatorship, we teenagers focus on things we ourselves are able to control. We are able to flee from our parents for a short season, so we try to enjoy that short interval of time. Some obvious ways are friends, gossip, the internet, luxuries, video games, and other related things. We find that our solace has its advantages and misfortunes. Us teenagers love to hang out with friends and simply enjoy their company. The bad thing about it is the mix of rumors and truth. Old school Nintendo games and Guitar Hero are all cool and all, but made to be blended in with friends. Going solo is okay, as long as you don’t become a hermit in your own basement. The simple enjoyment of this allows us to love it too much, and make the wrong decision of pursuing it too much. Pretty soon it becomes an addiction where you can’t live without it. Too many people become facinated with MySpace and YouTube that they forget they actually have a life. They only reside in their own Virtual Enviroment, resulting in the downfall of other areas of their life; Their grades plummet, don’t care for real friends, social life is limited to fake “friends” and fans on the internet. They are simply too consumed with the technology that makes them seem o’ so popular for once in their life. Those who have a stable placing on the social totem pole get a MySpace just to talk to friends. Enjoying the extra praise they may recieve via this seemingly Holy Site. Those who are at the dirt level (maybe even under it) use such things to gain the feeling of approval and popularity. Exactly how many people do you see on MySpace faking their info. If you believe that one guy is really over 6 ft. in height, has a band or does underground rap, captain of the football soccer tennis and basketball teams, has an imported sportscar, and has traveled to Tokyo Amsterdam New York City and Moscow, then either your one of those brain-dead teenage girls or really desperate to think this is your dream guy. The 17 yr. old who put this is probably a snot nosed 12 yr old wanting to get some friends for a change. Ahem, now then, back to the topic…Teenagers get easily addicted to so many things, but many are actually able to break that bond. I myself was able to break such a bond. I had this addiction to Mountain Dew which I loved so much (having it readily availabe didn’t help much either). I managed to stay off it for about 3 weeks. It gave me an opportunity to do so many other things (didn’t realize this prevented me from doing so much). After seeing I could stop on my own, I decided to go back to drinking the heavenly essence of pleasure. While drinking a few, I o’ so remembered the gracious feeling of its savory taste. This just started the exact same cycle where I go back to it, but really doubt I’ll stop (not really a cycle I guess). Same thing with the internet. People are able to take a break from YouTube. Realizing they don’t really need it, so they go back to it thinking they can control it. To our misfortune, we reminice about the old times and end up getting back into it. The morale of this post, none. We are teenagers and thusly cannot be fully understood. We’re only this age once in a lifetime, so parents, don’t go messing up our fun. Though some of this may not be remembered, we sure will remember the stupid stuff we did last week for a few years. So I plan on enjoying my 2 or so more years of teenage life while I still can. The system and the “man” are not going to limit my fun.

I myself love looking at YouTube. Many constantly make videos about themselves. One of the subscribers I usually look at is Mememolly (finally put up a vid after 2 months). Her latest video inspired me to write this post, props to her.


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