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My Super Special Awesome 2008!

A lot of people rant about how their year of 2008 went. The highs and lows are explained in heavy detail and you can often times feel the shift in emotion when a certain event is confronted. Video vlogs on YouTube are ever present where people tell of their life in the past year. The comments varies vlogs produce usually consist of things like “wtf i d0n’t give a sh*t about ur lif3.!!! Make aNoth3r  funny video!!11!!1!” When it comes to blogs, I honestly don’t see why I should talk about my own personal life unless it leads to a certain topic. Posts on vlogs/blogs that consist of a person’s experience of the old year has no significant value unless they have a reputation. In other words, if your audience doesn’t care for you as a person, then don’t rant about your life. 85% of people could care less.

I will not go in depth of about 2008. The year started in the green, normal and good. The 2nd quarter got into the yellow, iffy and trite, but rose to blue in May. Summer fell into the red, crap and headaches. August plunged into the blinking red, frustration and dispair. Fall rose to yellow. December jumped to blue, and that’s only because of an old pleasure that made a glorious come-back. I’ve never been one to anticipate the future. I take it as it comes. I’ve always loved a good challenge. So 2009, “Show Me Your Moves!”. Because “You’ll Get No Sympathy From Me!”.

And now, something completely diffferent. The Falcon PUNCH!!!!

I bought some Pocky the other day. It’s magically DELICIOUS!


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