The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

Life Wasted

“A life is a terrible thing to waste”. What a common cliche, yet never really considered. You only have one, so why not make the best of it? You can choose to Rock n Roll All Nite and Party Everyday, not having a care in the world. Making the most out of your youth. Giving in to bodily pleasures to do away with the boredom of regular life. Time and time again, you ignore the phone calls from home so you don’t have to put up with your parents “nagging”.  Undoubtfully putting your life on the line with intoxication. Your friends might be too busy laughing their heads off when they see you pass out. The simple fact that you just threw up will only add to their entertainment. What a way to go. You, drowning on your own vomit while people aimlessly laugh at your hilarious, dire misfortune. Choosing to stay with the rival gang members may seem like a responsibility to your people, but a regretted decision when a faint window of opportunity could finally get you out of it. Staying with the brothers of the cause could very much bring so many positive outcomes. If you stick with it, you could very well become a top dog in the gang. Free drugs, easy money, and a limitless amount of girls would persuade many to keep with it. The problem is that either old age or a foolish mistake could cost you so much more than a few hundred kilos. There you are. Lying on the streets while all hell breaks loose after the rival gang attacks a party. All of your fellow brothas’ leave you to rot while they meagerly attempt to save their own lives. The bullets whizzing throught the air. Eventually, the gunfire becomes fainter and your vision begins to blur. The last thing you see is the end of a gun barrel pointed directly between both of your eyes. You see the motion of your killer’s lips, undoubtfully uttering a sarcastic, witty remark. The final thing you see move is the smirk on his lips growing ever so larger across his face. A troubled teenage girl has seached high and low for a relief. The constant bodily pleasure with different guys is starting to lose its lust. Meth is becoming much too hard to come by with its precense being found out by your parents. The mother steals it for herself while the only punishment the step-father can think of is beating her to the point where she passes out. She can only imagine what he does to her when she’s out. What she wants is to find something she can actually have some control over. Something that will bring her relief and cannot be taken away from her. She’s recieved invitations from her neighbors to go visit their church, but she never grasped the meaning of religion. She is willing to give in to sex, but wants to decide it, not have it forced upon her. Even then she is still willing to do so. Yet, the feeling of another body on her just brings her to a point of utter madness. Her dreams, invaded with the perverse images of what she has endured. She soon becomes rediculed and set apart from the rest. Her only recluse, a blade exposing the essence of what keeps her body alive. She believes that her body may be alive, but her mind has already been slaughtered beyond comprehension. Her final gulps of air are met with the the acknowledgment in her mind that she just wants the insanely brutal pain to go away.

We are all faced with tribulations and hardships that just make us throw our life away. We cannot endure any more pain or suffering. We just want to bring an end to the sufferment in any way possible. Searching for the connections to get you “happy” on drugs. Only succeding in demishing the pain for a few hours is just so pain-stakingly hopeless for the victim. Sometimes wanting one more chance, but other times just wanting to end it all at once. Without any remorse. Even this may not be the case. We may be tempted to live all out for the worldly things that condenm us to a wasted life. Partying 24/7. Filled with the mentallity of following the party wherever it goes. Getting high just because you can, and getting wasted to see who can chug down the most beers. Falling into the magnet tar pit trap of fortune and recongnition amongst the hood. Risking your life just to get a few more hundreds in your pocket. Hoping to eventually make it to the top and be the head honcho. Only to have it stripped away from you when the time is right.

We all have but one life to live. God has given each person free will to do what he or she desires. He puts opportunities before us, but many choose to look the other way to continue with their own exploits. He will sometimes give us another opportunity and some will hold on to it for dear life, while others use it for their own selfish gain. What He does and why He does it is beyond me. His ways are not ours, and if we were to be the one’s running everything, then the world would already be in calamity and turmoil.


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  1. Yeah Flyleaf rocks-wish I had their new cd-but I can’t afford it. Could you loan me the $ Roberto?

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