The Unsung Hero
Proclaiming My Mind For Him

With Love…

A human can only have a few loves in his or her life. Chocolate, rap, horses, mangos, actors, family, mother earth. The human can only manage so much. If a person has to eat a shmorgishborg of food, what will that person eat? Well, verily let it be said their favourite! But even then, the top picks will be examined to reveal which one is truely the favourite. There are so many things in this world!! Money, beautiful creatures, ruby, sunsets, guitars, trees, ATV’s, sweets, and so much galore!!! What floats your boat is yours, but the few loves that I really treasure are so meaningful…I just can’t fathom as to why they are there…

My mother, Celia, is one of my loves. A woman who has her roots reaching as far back as the remarkable Mayan Empire. She came from a small valley town in Guatemala, almost completely secluded from the rest civilization (it’s stuck in a bowl type valley with towering mountains). Back then, while America was gloating about the first man on the moon, Guatemala was beginning to grow. Unfortunatley, not where my mother lived. Her family lived on the outskirts of town, with absolutely not electricity. Eating nothing more than a tortilla with some salt on it. She had it rough. . .She accepted Christ at a relatively young age. She never did like the whole Catholic religion her parents dragged her to from time to time. The whole principles of Roman Catholic warded her away from it. Yet, she always had that faith in Christ. Today, in the 21st century, technology has been sprawled across the globe with total segregation. Florishing to the mass cities and neglecting the needed areas. Despite this, my mother is quite happy today. She has gone through so much. . .from the dirt home she used to live in to now a warm American styled convinience of living, she really has come a long way. All the stories of how she came to this country completely fascinate me. The trials that she faced could have very well have gotten her killed. She’s a real trooper. I love my mother with so much love that I can’t think about how it will be when she leaves. She has just been so loving to me. Even though my friends hassle me that I’m a so called “mama’s boy”, I just brush it off. I just look at the loving relationship with my mom and me and don’t really care. All that she has done for me makes her one of the few I will miss dearly if she were to leave. I’ve been told time and time again by people that we’re just alike. She takes forever to get ready, I take relatively long to get ready to go. She’s constantly late for stuff, I have followed suit. She frets about what to wear. . .evidently that too has brushed upon me. My mother is very forgiving, never holding a grudge. She knows when to bite her tongue. And is also very astute to what is happening and will give her opinion if need be. I have adopted just such a personality, only much more acute. I am willing to forgive people for whatever wrong they have done to me. I’ll keep quiet when I know I need to be, and I’ll only comment if allowed to. All of this intensified with the love of Christ within me. I love my mother dearly, and make my best efforts not to fight with her. I Thank God for placing her as my mother. My father could have picked any other woman other than my mother and I wouldn’t even be here today. She just has done so much that I once tried to publicly thank both my mother and father, but broke down in tears when I first saw them walk into the room. I never did get a chance to speak that day, yet I knew both my parents knew how much I loved them right there and then. This song is one of my mother’s favourite songs. I used to think it was just because her name was in it, but the lyrics are just so precious. I tell you right now, I am not going to translate a word of it. It’ll only take away from the original meaning (that, n i don’t have the time).


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  1. yeah,,i love my mom too,,

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