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Rapid Fire Shells

I’ve always loved to play video games, especially Nintendo. In fact, I own all of Nintendo’s major consoles. From the old school NES to the GameCube (I have my sights on the Wii…). The problem is that when you get older, you get more competitive. I’ve developed into a more hardcore gamer and the problem is that Nintendo doesn’t care much for that hardcore gamer audience. So I have to search elsewhere for that need to be met. I plan on getting me a Xbox 360 by summer so I’ll be set. It really sucks when the people who brought you such awesome games almost totally shun you. Alas, Nintendo, what has happened to you?

Hacking games isn’t too new. You take the game and modify it to do crazy stuff. As of recently, these hackers are doing this on online play. A great bother if your looking for a match of skill, not cheating. The other day I was playing me some Mario Kart DS on WiFi and got a match against someone whose ranking said he’s won 100000 races and lost none and some other n00b. We race on an easy course and things go smoothly. I’m winning, but I keep getting hit from behind with red shells. After an entire lap of constantly being hit from shells I know something’s up cuz you can’t get that many shells in just one lap. I decide slow down and tail the guy with 100000 wins. I find the guy is spamming red shells out of no where and the n00b is getting killed out there. He used hacks to get unlimited homing shells. So I simply obtain a red shell and tail the guy until he reaches the finish line on the 3rd lap. I wait until he’s close enough and hit with the shell and pull out 1st. I was so proud that I beat a hacker! We raced again on the same course, but he was using way to many red shells that he crashed the server…what a sore loser. Yeah, whatever.


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